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Butterfly & Dragonfly Count
Saturday, July 5
Starting at 10am
Park’n’Ride by the Country Store.

Vashon Audubon invites you to come out for a day of roaming fields, ponds, trails, and road edges looking for butterflies and dragonflies on Saturday, July 5, starting at 10am at the Park’n’Ride by the Country Store. We will be conducting our 18th annual 4th of July Butterfly Count for the North American Butterfly Association, adding a dragonfly count for fun.


Island Audubon Field Trips
July 12 from 8-10 am
Meet at Park & Ride at Ober Park

You don't have to be a member or an experienced birder to participate and no reservations are necessary -- just come down to Ober Park at 8:00 o'clock and join us for a fun visit to birding spots around the Island. 
Each bird walk is led by highly experienced birders.

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Island Audubon Christmas Bird Count Results

Sue Trevathan has compiled all of the observations for the Christmas Bird Count.

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Rich Siegrist has spent years providing nesting sites
for Vashon’s purple martins

Vashon’s local purple martin hero is Islander Rich Siegrist, who for 17 years has volunteered as “landlord” of the martins’ nesting boxes and gourds that hang on the dock pilings that circle Vashon and Maury.
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Vashon Audubon needs your help!
There are several volunteer opportunities available with Vashon-Maury Island Audubon. Please consider offering your time.

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Advertisers who support Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society

Ed Swan Bird Watching Tours
Ed Swan provides natural history wildlife tours that offer the opportunity to see and hear a great variety of bird species.  Gorgeous views of brilliant Wood Ducks, magnificent Bald Eagles, great numbers of waterfowl and many kinds of woodpeckers, sparrows and finches are too be expected with any birding tours on Vashon. 

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Trogon Tours
Wildlife photographer and Tahoma Audubon member Nate Chappell leads exciting birdwatching and photography tours to Ecuador and bird photography workshops in Arizona.

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Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris
Our voyage to the great Southern Ocean has come to be well known as the most in-depth way to see this incredible environment and, most especially, its tremendous seabirds and other wildlife.

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